February 2013

Gospel Transformation Center


     GTC is my church plant in Kenya. I am so excited about all that God will do in and through this work. GTC is a mission focused church. It is imperative that we train leaders to fulfill the great commission. It is not enough to teach. By training we raise up individuals certain of their call and mission in this life. During this unique time in the history of the church, ALL nations are participating in reaching the unreached. Kenyans have a bold message and willingness to proclaim the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are hungry for the truth and the transforming power of God in their lives. 

   The photos are of David Maina Muigai and I preaching in a local church in Ihindu, Kenya. David has a Pastor's call upon his life, particularly to the slum areas of the world. He has a gift for bringing people out of a poverty mentality and into God's Kingdom thinking. He is currently serving as the Senior oversight Pastor of GTC. The other photo is of Steve Mburu preaching. He is the on-site Pastor over the work.

      Pastor David is married with no children. Pastor Steve is married with two little girls, one 5 years old and 7 months.

        More photos are forthcoming when I return from Kenya.

Training leaders, evangelizing Christ and planting churches.


Prayer Requests and Ministry Needs

For my healing of an ankle and hip injury.

* Finances to get to Kenya.

* Funds for sound equipment for GTC

  (my church in Kenya) We have microphones       

  and a keyboard but need speakers. ($500-$600)

* Funds to build a system at Quest for Happiness

* Children's Home and Orphanage that will

  facilitate clothes and dish washing.  ($100)

God, the Church and the World
    January was a busy and exciting month for me. 
I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to the Team Expansion Center to participate in the Kairos missions training course and facilitator certification. 
It was a great deal of work but well worth the expense and effort. The course focuses on inspiring the local church to understand the Great Commission in a new dimension and depth. For the first time in history, we have a greater ability to reach the previously unreachable people groups of the world. We need willing, trained workers. 
     There were 16 of us in the course. The people in attendance were amazing. Their sincere passion for God and spreading His good news impacted me a great deal. As we shared, learned and worked together we formed bonds and an excitement for the task before us. 
      Even though I am now a course Facilitator, it is still necessary to go through a couple more steps to become a head facilitator. My goal is to accomplish that in order to take Kairos to the nations. 


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